Our Story

Deo and Joan Koenigs started farming in 1958 on 190 acres near Meyer, IA with a small loan and a handshake. This was a time when experience and desire would open the door to farm ownership.

Fast forward to 1970. The Koenigs' farm has grown to 400 acres, 75 dairy cows, 6 kids, 1 dog, and countless cats. Mark and Jim, the two oldest children, are completely focused on becoming farmers. To Deo and Joan’s relief, none of their other children suffer this affliction.

In March of 1981, Jim returned home with an Ag Business Degree from Iowa State University. Shortly after, Mark and Jim’s collaboration began with the merging of Mark’s 250 acre dairy/grain farm and Jim’s 150 acre feeder pig/grain farm. In 1982, the farm economy was entering its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Deo, their father, allowed Mark and Jim to exchange labor for use of his equipment. Deo had just been elected to the Iowa House of Representatives. He was in need of competent and reliable labor to farm his 900 acres. Opportunities to expand were abundant as many landowners struggled to find tenants due to lack of interest. The Koenigs boys were naïve and optimistic enough to imagine a brighter future. Mark sold the cows in 1991 so they could focus on growing crops. It was at this time that “Pinicon Farm,” was formally created.

Through the '90s and New Millennium, Pinicon experienced steady growth through buying and renting land. Pinicon Farm differentiated itself by demonstrating a willingness to make long term investments in land improvements. Locals coined the term “Piniconized” to describe when a new farm was acquired and the ensuing extreme makeover concluded.

The McIntire elevator was purchased in 1996 and the headquarters was moved to this location.

Around 2004 Mark and Jim began exploring livestock diversification options. The seasonally variable workload inherent in grain farming made it difficult to justify a year round workforce. Livestock production provided offseason activities for underutilized men and machinery. In addition, the agronomic and economic benefits of manure were beginning to be more fully appreciated.

In 2005, Pinicon entered the custom feeding business and constructed hog barns. This segment of our business continues to grow as Pinicon finishes for both Iowa Select Farms, Holden Farms, as well as company owned pigs.

Diversifying into manure application was a logical step once we had millions of gallons of manure to apply annually. At that time, the application business was driven by a “manure is a liability so get rid of it at the lowest cost” mentality. We believe manure is a superior nutrient to commercial fertilizer if it can be applied safely, accurately, and in a timely manner. Bio Application was created as a separate entity that is dedicated to this mission.

In 2010, Mark decided to retire from farming and Jim purchased his interest in the company.

Today, land ownership, crop production, and livestock production are the primary enterprises at Pinicon. We also have ownership in related businesses that provide income stability and asset sharing opportunities. We believe that regardless of what industry segment you operate in, the best managed companies will thrive in the long term. Our focus is on details we can control. Excellence is the goal.