Celebrating for the Right Reason

The 2018 Pinicon Holiday/Partner Appreciation party was held this weekend. The date was moved up from the first weekend after New Years to get ahead of Holiday season party fatigue, potentially brutal January weather, make Christmas bonus distribution more timely, and celebrate with our South African workers before they return home.

I would like to take credit for seeing all these advantages but it was the HR department that saw this opportunity and made the recommendation back in August. Danni and Lindsay also took the lead in planning the location, menu and invites.

In the past, I was reluctant to commit to having a party until harvest was completed and financial statements prepared. In my mind, being festive and grateful was contingent on profitability. Until the asset and liability totals are updated, knowing how much progress or regress occurred the previous season is a coin flip. Planning a party without this knowledge was presumptuous.

Well Jim, maybe you were seeing it wrong all those years.

Success today and more so in the future, will be a collaborative enterprise. Not only do we require a team of professionals employed by Pinicon as operators, technicians, bookkeepers, compliance specialists, agronomists, and purchasers, there is a network of vendors, service providers, advisors, and peers we rely on to source inputs, build and maintain infrastructure, and develop strategy.

As the challenge to recruit, retain, and sustainably motivate an organization has become more difficult, tangibly communicating gratitude and respect to everyone that plays a role in your business is vital. Relationship investments should not depend on short term price dynamics any more than stewardship of the land should be compromised due to cheap commodities.

And it took a couple of 30ish, female, administrative staff to open my eyes.

Thank goodness for diversity and youth.

So, regardless if Pinicon made money in 2018, we sincerely appreciate everyone that is part of our association of partners. Our company simply could not exist with out the combined contribution of all the people we employ or do business with.

In the next few weeks, we will have time for the financial analysis. Our best guess is that we will make progress. Either way, we remain confident in our long term success because we have an exceptionally talented group of partners with a vested interest in our future.


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