When software companies update popular programs, they identify the newest version by attaching a number to the name that is one increment higher than the previous version.
It is my honor to introduce the fastest, smartest, nicest, best looking, all around superior version of Pinicon, Pinicon 2.0!
The new ownership group made up of Bert Brumm, Ben Winters, and Alex Koenigs will take over operations of Pinicon Farm starting in 2017.
Building a highly principled organization that endured beyond my direct participation has always been a goal. Bert and Ben have been ready for this responsibility for several years, but we had to be sure the junior member had the right stuff to fill the roster. Alex has shown that he does.
Frequently it seems, business owners wait too long to step aside for the next generation. I was lucky that Dad had a desire and opportunity to pursue an off farm career when I was young, giving me the chance to learn how to manage, be decisive, take risks, and develop the tools to reach my goals.
I believe the sooner a company can harness the talent and ambition of its best human resources, the more success it will realize.
On the surface, little will change. Bert will be moving into my office in the shop and I will be relocating to the office building by the elevator scale. Most of the crew have been reporting to Bert for the last few years. No personnel changes are planned.

Not having as much day to day responsibility will give me a little more freedom but I expect to put in as much time. The drive to McIntire every morning has actually gotten easier since this decision was made. I have more flexibility to respond to daily surprises without the conflict of straying from my plan.
It will be exciting to work alongside the new owners and continue Pinicon’s forward momentum.

I can’t wait to see where we will be by 2040.
Stay tuned!