A tad late for the monthly blog, but better late than never! As you can imagine we have been busy wrapping up the 2016 harvest season. Harvest season brings out the best in our team, but I think it is safe to say that everyone is satisfied with being finished and spending some much needed time with their families for Thanksgiving. The yields were very good and we are grateful for that.
We will continue to work on tillage until the ground freezes. The trucking team is at a standstill for now as all of our contracts have been filled and storage is full. We anticipate to start hauling again late December early January. During the winter months, Bert continues to check the grain bins for quality control to ensure appropriate condition of our crop. Calvin keeps checking the shop inventory stocked to replenish tools and supplies from the depletion during harvest.
All of our vehicles, machinery, and equipment are busy being repaired from damage/wear and tear from harvest season. Once all repairs and maintenance has been completed, they will be prepped to be stored for the winter. Once we get closer to spring, they will be pulled out and prepped to be safe and ready for operation. The guys will soon transition to four day work weeks with having Fridays off as we do every winter. This gives them time to wind down from the busy season before Spring planting arrives.
Here in the office, we will begin to transition primary duties of Alex’s back to him since he is back in the office full-time. This will allow me to get caught back up on secondary duties that may have taken a backseat during harvest. Harvest requires exceptional time management skills not only in the field, but here in the office as well. In my opinion, we exceed expectations in this area and work well as a team to get things done!

Until next month! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!