Hey All!

The air has turned crisp and the leaves are changing colors. Time never seems to slow down and here we are, three weeks into our 2016 Harvest season!

So far we have had mother nature on our side and hope she continues to cooperate. The wind has picked up lately and has paved the road for the corn moisture to drop to a favorable level for now.

We are roughly 80% done with beans at this point and have started corn. We have gone the first few weeks with very minor breakdowns and hope that pattern continues-knock on wood! The truckers are busy hauling roughly 80 loads per week to Valero and Homeland Energy. Our Bio Application team is working together to get the manure pumping underway on our fields. This time of year calls for more parts and supplies than ever, so Calvin is busy keeping our inventory stocked and ordering parts for any needed repairs.

Pinicon welcomed the newest member of our team in September! Lindsay Johnson, of Stacyville, began as our new administrative assistant. In the month or so that Lindsay has been here she has learned things very quickly and has already proven that she will be a great asset to our team! What better time for her to dive into the Pinicon way of doing things than HARVEST TIME!

As the guys are all extremely busy in the shop, fields, etc., the office carries a heavier workload as well. Since Alex operates the grain cart during Harvest, many of his accounting duties trickle down to me here in the office. Lindsay and I work as a team to be sure the fort is held down and the guys are prepped for productive days in the field! My main duties during Harvest include: Paying bills and other financial obligations that Alex usually takes care of, payroll, grain ticket record keeping, along with many others. Lindsay is busy doing data entry, answering the phones (that seem to ring off the hook during this time), making daily lunches for our crews, and doing emergency part runs for the team. Our trusty, mother hen, Linda continues to run errands and supply us with all of our lunch supplies throughout the season. Without her, lunch supplies would be scarce and Danni/Lindsay would have no chocolate to survive the season. 

Although harvest brings longer hours and more work for everyone at Pinicon, it also brings out a passion for farming and a large desire to succeed in our team!

Happy Harvest Everyone!!