Leisure Logic

August was a busy month on the farm. Using up vacation days seemed to be the prevailing theme. An inconvenient consequence of low staff turnover is having a significant group of employees with lengthy paid vacation days. Because planting and harvest season are off limits, the prime window for taking time off is June, July and August. An even distribution of absences during these months would be fairly manageable. Because our long term employees seem to have workaholic tendencies the belated realization that they have a month before harvest to use up 2 weeks of paid time off often occurs around the first of August.

Luckily, late summer is a season where the urgency of our work is not great. The bins need to be emptied, the machinery needs to be ready, the reports, negotiations and input decisions for next year need to be made. But, the world will keep turning and we will have most of September to finish uncompleted pre-harvest tasks. If this sounds like the rationalization of a “I do my best work under pressure” decision maker, you would not be far off.

It is not our style at Pinicon to procrastinate or be ill prepared, however I have learned that our productivity always increases as we near these deadlines.

I trust that our crew will come through as they always have, and get the work done in time for harvest. Giving everyone time off to enjoy their interests is a reward well deserved.