Hey Everyone!
After three months of maternity leave, I am back and ready to get back in the swing of things just in time for the most exciting time of year here on the farm-FALL HARVEST!! Bryan and I welcomed our second little girl, Madison Julie, into the world in April. She and her big sister, are growing up way too fast. Being a mom of two means waking up by 6 a.m. and not crawling into bed until 11 p.m. It means just finishing up cleaning Aubrey’s mess from dinner to realize that Maddi had a bowel blow-out and needs an immediate bath. At times, it means a sudden mix of chaos and exhaustion. Most of all, being a mom of two means an indescribable kind of love that is, hands down, the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced.
As much as I love being a mom, it is a great feeling to return and re-establish the routine of being the HR manager here at the farm! We are inching closer to our busiest season of the year and this is prime time to ensure we prepare ourselves to have a successful season. For HR, this includes managing any personnel changes, including assisting Jim & Bert in the need for any temporary/seasonal employees and executing the initial screening and orientation. My challenge this year will be trying to catch up on work from when I was on leave. A few of my harvest tasks include extra prep work for payroll (as overtime hours during this season substantially increase), timeclock management and managing our employee relations/benefits. Cortney’s workload increases as well during peak season. On top of her normal duties of bill and data entry, she also remains flexible in case she is needed to run on a parts trip. Cortney also manages the evening lunch-making process during harvest. Together, we make a great office team to support the guys while they are in the field!
I know we have said this before, but there is always work to do on the farm and this month is no different. During August, our main priority is continuing to haul grain to the market. We have six trucks hauling every day to ensure we open up space for our 2016 crop. On top of that, Tyrone and Calvin are working to do upgrades to our grain storage facilities. Cole is inspecting and repairing equipment to ensure it is safe and ready. Ben’s coordination of our spraying operation, and with the assistance of Skyline Agrinautics, we have made strides on completing our pesticide and fungicide application. Although the wet July has slowed these operations, it has kept the dreaded aphids away… knock on wood!
Happy Fall everyone!!