Well, the planting season is winding down for everyone and again we have been blessed with some of the better planting weather in the country, if you believe all the tweets and internet pictures out there. The dry early start with a couple of big, rain free planting windows allowed us to make exceptional seeding progress. Soil conditions were ideal for getting the corn and soybean seed starting their life cycle. ‘Plant in dust and bins will bust’ is an old axiom that has been around for generations and seems to be true in this part of the world. So far we have avoided the deluges that seem to come with more frequency than I remember as a youngster growing up, but there is still time for Mother Nature to throw us a curve ball or two before this growing season is over.
The corn that was planted early is off and running with very good germination and stand counts. A few soybeans are starting to poke their heads out too, but as I write this blog the weatherman is saying we are in for a couple frosty nights. Could this be Mothers 1st pitch? We shall see!
We also have been busy seeding new waterways and CRP land and burning off old CRP per USDA requirements in a seeming never ending cycle to protect the land from erosion. After large rain events it’s comforting to see these efforts come to fruition.
Good weather is also good for grass and weed growth too. The lawn mower has been running almost non-stop trying to keep up with the rapid growth of lawns. Our spraying crew has been able to stay ahead of the weeds thanks to the good weather also.
With the majority of the time sensitive operations done or winding down, there is more time for family and recreation. My 4th full marathon looms in the not too distant future and serious training has been lacking these last few weeks. Ill prepared runners pay a severe penalty at the finish line and for the following few days. I don’t want to be ‘that’ person. I believe all my grandchildren are alive yet so I need to make an effort to see them too. Hopefully they still remember me!