Hi, this is Linda.
Officially, I retired from the Pinicon workforce on January 1, 2016. Unfortunately, my mom, Marlene didn’t get the retirement notice and broke her ankle right before Christmas. After surgery, her and my dad, Frank, recuperated in Rochester for six weeks. So initially I knew why I was meant to retire……provide them nursing care. But as you can guess, there was no rest for me during that timeframe! After returning them to Bismarck, ND in February, I was able to start on my project list.
The question I get asked most is “What does it feel like to be retired?” Honestly, it feels no different than before other than I prioritize the things I want to do and complete them at my own pace. I still pick up supplies and parts for Pinicon, purchase birthday cakes, and offer a listening ear (and my opinions) to the CEO and office staff. Enough about retirement, this is what’s happening at the farm!
Springtime is a busy time for the Pinicon crew. Getting equipment ready, trucks hauling corn, planning the planting rotation, fertilizing and rock picking priorities are just a few things being completed. Luckily snow removal has not been a big priority (hope I didn’t jinx it).
Springtime will mean a few changes in personnel and the return of seasonal employees. One common theme…..everyone at Pinicon is a hardworking and does their best to be good stewards of the land and animals.
Some of my favorite things about springtime are:
• Singing birds
• Trees and flowers budding
• Freshly worked farm ground
• Making Easter baskets for Grandkids
• Sunny warm days
• Bike riding
• Grass turning green

What are yours?
Happy Spring!