Hello Everyone,

Calvin’s turn at the blogosphere. What a year this has been so far! By now, everyone should have harvest pretty much wrapped up and starting to work on next crop season. We’ve always wondered what our potential yields could be if we had a perfect growing season. Well it looks like this year was as close to perfect as we will ever get. The crops were planted in great conditions and received timely rains all summer. Not too warm in July and an early start to harvest with almost rain free warm fall weather. It just doesn’t get any better than this. We will have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
Good falls like these give farmers time to do land improvements and here at Pinicon Farm, we always seem to have plenty of them to do. Waterways, rock removal, and tiling are a few of the projects to tackle before the cold weather moves in. Throw in reclaiming an old abandoned building site and you have another project for the next few years down the road!
A little background information about me for anyone who doesn’t know me. I have lived in Mitchell County my entire life, graduating from Osage Community Schools. My first real job was at White Farm in Charles City working in the foundry and later building tractors. Unfortunately, White farm faded into the sunset and my career there ended. Staying in the agriculture arena, I started working for Hanke construction doing tiling and bulldozer work. This was good experience to have when I started with Pinicon Farm. I also worked for ConAgra for 15 years, doing grain inspection, merchandising, and accounting. In 2003, I joined the Pinicon Farm team as the Inventory & Purchasing Manager.
In 1999, I ran my first 5k race at the age of 43 with very little training. I couldn’t walk very well for a week after the race, but have continued to run numerous races since then. I am planning on doing my fourth full marathon next June with my daughters: Jayne and Amy, and many running friends at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. Also included in this group is Cortney, our administrative office assistant, who plans to run her first marathon.
We wish everyone a safe ending to harvest 2015, and a happy Thanksgiving!