Can anyone tell me where the months of August and September went? Wooftah! Harvest has been in full swing since mid-September for Pinicon, which is a very busy season for all farmers out there. Fun little joke for this season: I caught myself looking outside our office door thinking it may be snowing, but laughed remembering it’s simply bees wings coming from the dryers! 
A little bit about myself before we get into harvest talk: Outside of work, I continue my education towards my Bachelors in Business Management through the University of Phoenix. My approximate graduation date is March of 2017, which can’t seem to come soon enough! Other than homework, I enjoy working out or hanging out with my family and friends. I’m currently trying to train my brain into thinking I can run Grandma’s Marathon, in Duluth, MN this next June; wish me luck! Willow, my kitty, is now just six months old and takes up quite a bit of my downtime as well! Call me the “crazy cat lady” if you must, but I just love my kitty! An upcoming event this month for me includes my one-year anniversary as a Pinicon employee, which I’m excited about. It’s been a great first year and I’m looking forward to many more!
Being its harvest time, many of our employees are out in the field doing harvest work, while the remainder office staff (aka ladies) stay in the office. We continue on with our typical day of duties, but take on others as some of our office staff are busy in the field with tillage, picking corn or beans, spreading fertilizer, etc. What amazes me about working here is regardless of what season we’re in or what situation we may be faced with, each and every employee is able to help out and be sure the task(s) gets completed. That is just one of the many things I enjoy about working here.
Along with our daily routine/duties, we add in a couple more. Some include additional bookkeeping, mail runs, making lunches, and parts runs (this one is one of my specialties). It may be a short run to Sema in LeRoy, or a nine hour round trip to Litchfield, MN–one never knows, but it’s surely an adventure when you find out where you are going next! Since most of our guys are hard at work in the field at the start of the day and into the night, they don’t have time to run home and grab supper to eat. To make supper time less of a hassle, we make “lunches” for their night time meal. Lunches include a sandwich, dessert bar, soda, and an apple. It may not sound too extraordinary or special, but our guys sure do appreciate having this put together for them! The amount of lunch meat, cheese, bread, soda, apples, bags, and butter we go through during one week is quite outstanding! We are very fortunate that Linda is able to do all our grocery shopping in Rochester during her time off on the weekends. I’ve heard her say from time to time that some people comment on the amount of items in her cart. Her response this last time, if I remember, was “I just have a really big family.”
As all farmers desire, we hold high standards to aim for our best crop year ever. Our guys have just finished picking beans, which means they’re full-force into picking corn. By the sounds of our morning gatherings before getting to work, everyone is pleased as to how this harvest season is going overall. The Bio Application crew is busy pumping manure, while our tillage, bean, and corn crew are busy tearing up ground and picking away! With harvest comes long days and nights. Fortunately for Pinicon, the so-called long days and nights don’t seem to be very bothersome. The drive and determination our workers have for farming never seizes to amaze me.
We hope to finish picking corn by Thanksgiving, how about the rest of you?
Hope everyone is having a happy and save harvest season thus far! –Cortney