Hi, this is Linda.
As I am writing this on the first week of September and temperatures are in the 80’s, I am reminded that fall is just around the corner….and cooler temperatures will soon be upon us. I love fall! The beautiful leaves/trees, fresh honey crisp apples, fall decorations, bicycle rides, football season and of course HARVEST!
Harvest means long hours at Pinicon, however it also means for me many trips to the grocery store for supplies for sack lunches. On a busy harvest week, employees can consume in excess of 120 sack lunches for their evening meals! This translates to at least 5 cases of soda, 11 loaves of bread, 2 sliced hams, 4 sheet pans of HyVee bars, and many pounds of honey crisp apples from Kathan Ridgeview Orchards in La Crescent, Minnesota. Luckily, Jerry has his apple truck in Rochester for my weekly apple purchase. Jerry eagerly wants to discuss “how harvest is progressing”? I also often get questioned in the grocery store as to the quantity of my purchases. My reply usually is “I have a large family”!
I also love riding the combine with Jim and hearing the excitement in his voice about harvest. As you all know for any farmer….this is their favorite time of year and Jim is no exception. The Pinicon team works at peak levels during this time to get the crop harvested. The team plans, strategizes and talk of safety on a routine basis. Here is hoping that this harvest season goes as planned and everyone is safe as we bring the crop in. In the years past, Jim has reminded me that harvest is not a sprint but a marathon for the entire Pinicon team and that it is!
This time of year also gives me the opportunity to cheer for my favorite professional football team…the Vikings! I’m always hopeful for a winning season or at least a couple of wins over the Packers  When I ride my bicycle in the fall, I am in awe of the beauty of nature….hope it inspires you too! Lastly, I love fall decorations. I enjoy doing crafts that show the beautiful fall colors. Crafts also mean craft sales and a girl can’t miss a shopping opportunity 
If you are in the area, feel free to stop in to the Pinicon office. We can talk about harvest and the things that each of you enjoy the most about this time of the year!