Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Pinicon Farm News Blog. I apologize it has taken this long for us to create an internet presence as it seems we are the last farm on the block to have a website.

My excuse is I have this nasty habit of calculating the cost/benefit for all our initiatives. Once the decision was made, it took us 12 months to actually build the site. We hope it was worth the wait.

We have two primary goals for this site. First, we want to make it easier for our friends and associates to follow our progress. Second, we want to share more information about Pinicon for those who have an interest but do not know us as well.

Crop production prospects from 2015 look promising at this point. We started planting corn around the 21st of April and were 90% planted by May 9th. Bean planting began April 30 and was completed by May 22nd. Our crops look the best for this date since the 2010 season. That is the year our current yield record was set. We believe that record is at risk.

The big news in the personnel department is the arrival of our first two South African workers, Theo and John. For the first week, our focus has been getting their local documentation in place and introducing them to the community. This has gone well as everyone has been welcoming and supportive.

On a more personal level, Linda’s daughter Kelly gave birth to George Franklin Powers last Friday. George joins three year old Emma, Nick and Kelly’s first child. So far, George has been easy to care for but Kelly has the “Super Gramma Infant Care Support Service” available 24/7, just in case. Jimmy just needs to learn how to fall back asleep after the 3 A.M. explosive bowel movement clean up call.

Our plan is to update this news blog monthly with a rotation of randomly selected authors.

Until next month, have a great June and make plans to get the most from this glorious season.

Take care,